Autel MaxiCharger Fast Charger - Basic User Guide


Level 3 - DC Fast Charger 
Max Current: Up to 240 kW
Output: Available Single or Dual with CCS1, CCS1 Boost or CHAdeMO,
Operating temperature: -31 °F to +131 °F (+122 °F to +131 °F with Linear Power Derating)


For all models, once all electrical connections have been safely made, switch on the power to the circuit from the circuit breaker and wait for the power supply to come on. There will be a series of self-check starts, making sure that the charger works correctly and safely.

The MaxiCharger enters communication with the EV following a successful authorization. When the Authorization Screen appears, you can use any of the following methods to start a charging session:

· Scan the QR code on the screen
· RFID card
· Plug & charge (supports the ISO 15118 PnC function)
· Credit card (optional)

The charge session will start automatically after passing safety tests.

  1. Park an EV with the charging port within reach of the connector.
  2. Plug in the vehicle.
  3. Start the charging session and authorization enabled.
  4. Stop the charging session.

Ensure your EV is charging.

After a connector is successfully connected to your EV, the MaxiCharger can automatically recognize the connector and the corresponding connector’s Authorization screen will appear. If no operation is performed for a period of time on the Authorization screen, the Standby screen will appear. Manually select the connector on the touchscreen to exit the standby screen.

 DO NOT operate the MaxiCharger if the screen displays an error message.

Information about the charging duration, volume, cost, and power will appear on the Charging screen. Tap the Right Arrow button on the right to view more information about the charging status, including SoC (State of Charge), current, and voltage.

The power LED should illuminate green. If a recoverable error is detected, the charging LED illuminates orange; if the error cannot be recovered, it illuminates red.


  1. Unplug the vehicle or tap the Stop button on the touchscreen.
  2. If a session stops unexpectedly, the charger requires another authorization to restart a charge session. Use the same authentication method to begin the charge again:
    · QR Code/Credit Card: Tap the Stop button on the Charging Screen of the Autel Charge app. 
    · RFID Card: Tap the RFID card on the card reader again to finish charging.
  3. Finish Charging. Return the connector to the holster on the MaxiCharger.

The charging session stops automatically when the battery is full.


· Do not cover the vent during charging.

· Do not clean or operate in your EV during charging.


  • Connector Connection Error. If the connector is not connected to the EV, then the Connector Not Connected screen will appear. Disconnect completely, then plug in the EV and recheck the screen to see if the error message is resolved.
  • Authorization Failure. The Authorization Failure screen appears when there is an error processing the chosen authentication method. The cause and possible solution(s) will display on the screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to resolve the problem, or contact to 7Gen Customer Support.
  • Charge Start Failure. The Charge Start Failure screen appears when the charger has failed to pass the initialization process. The cause and possible solution(s) will display on the screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to resolve the problem.
  • Charging Failure. The Charging Failure screen appears when various errors occur during a charge session. The cause and possible solution(s) will be displayed on the screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to resolve the problem, or contact to 7Gen Customer Support.
  • Removing Condensation. There may be condensation in the charger if the charger is powered off for more than four hours. To remove it from the cabinet:
    1. Open the front door
    2. Set the main breakers to OFF position
    3. Energize the MaxiCharger
    4. Close the door. Wait two hours. The internal heater of the cabinet will heat the inside of the cabinet, and the condensation will evaporate
    5. Open the front door
    6. Set the main breakers to ON position
    7. Close the door                                        


Please, do not hesitate to contact us trough:

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  • Email:
  • Call:  +1 855 743 6938 (+1-855-7GENZEV)