Lion 6 Truck. User manual, best practices and troubleshooting

This article contains information on all Lion 6 functions and procedures to operate with.

The Lion 6 come with a “High Voltage ON/OFF” switch.

The is equipped with a master disconnect switch as an additional safety feature to quickly shut off the high-voltage circuits. The master disconnect switch is located in the accessory compartment behind the left front wheel (located inside the 12V battery box next to the batteries).

If you park your commercial electric vehicle knowing that you will not be using it inside of the next 24 hours, best practice is to turn the high voltage switch to the OFF position.  

Turning the switch to the OFF position ensures that there can be no parasitic draws weakening your battery while the vehicle is sitting. 

Failing to turn this switch to the OFF position could result in your 12V batteries being depleted.  In this case, you will not be able to start the truck.

Before starting your vehicle, you will need to turn the switch back to the ON position and secure the battery box cover.

Lion 6 · Pre-check video:

Lion 6 · Start up, Shut down and proper shifting video: 

Lion 6 air brake purge procedures. Daily brake chamber purge video:


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