Lightning ZEV3 Transit Cargo Van

User guide and best practices.

Drive the vehicle.

  1. Turn key to RUN position. No need to rotate to “ignition”.
  2. Wait for Vehicle Ready indicator to illuminate.
  3. Operate gearshift selector as you would in a standard vehicle.
  4. Pay attention to State of Charge (SoC), estimated range, and economy. If vehicle SoC goes below 20% - Maximize your range by turning off AC/Heat, avoid rapid acceleration, and find a charging station (if range remaining is not enough to return to depot).

Maximize range

  • Avoid excessive rapid acceleration.
  • Utilize regenerative braking when possible – allow your EV to slow itself rather than
    pushing the brake pedal when decelerating (WARNING: do not compromise safety – use
    brakes when needed)
  • Limit A/C and heat use.
  • Turn vehicle OFF when not in use.
  • During drive

Charge the vehicle

  1. Turn key to OFF position.
  2. Wait for the vehicle to power down fully (~30 seconds)
  3. Open charge port cover, near driver’s door. Doesn’t match the picture
  4. Connect charger – must be J1772 CCS Type 1 combo charging station
  5. Ensure that the dash indicates that vehicle is CHARGING and that the TIME REMAINING are what you expect (e.g. 6-10 hours for level 2 charge, 1-3 hours for DC Fast Charge).

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