Ford E-Transit Cargo Van.

The 2023 Ford E-Transit: A Versatile and Eco-Friendly Option for Your Fleet.

In the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles, Ford introduces its latest addition to the market - the 2023 Ford E-Transit. This eco-friendly van offers businesses a range of options and features, making it an ideal choice for various fleet requirements. 

Customizable Configurations

One of the standout features of the E-Transit is its adaptability. It comes in three different roof heights - low, medium, and high, catering to diverse cargo and loading needs. Additionally, the vehicle offers two different wheelbases, providing businesses the flexibility to choose the configuration that best suits their operations. 

Furthermore, Ford has ensured that the interior dimensions remain identical to the traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Transit model. This consistency simplifies the up-fitting process, as major up-fitters are already familiar with the Transit product. Remarkably, Ford now allows for vehicle up-fitting straight from the factory, offering options like floors, shelving, and a saelable bulkhead, streamlining the process for businesses.

Charging and Battery Performance

The E-Transit boasts multiple charging capabilities, with level 2 charging at 11 KW and DC charging at 115 KW when the dust cap is opened. The DC charging option enables charging the van from 15% to 80% in approximately 35 minutes, allowing for efficient operation and reduced downtime.

Equipped with a 68 KW HR battery pack, the E-Transit provides ample power for various business needs. For example, the low roof van version offers an estimated range of approximately 126 miles or 203 km, ensuring that businesses can handle their daily operations with confidence.

  • The High Voltage Charging Port is located on the front of the vehicle (integrated into the center of the grill); to open, press the center right edge of the charge port door then release.
  • The mobile charger is located under passenger seat. You'll find two connectors (120v & 240v), a coupler, and a control box.
  • Connect the appropriate connector (120V or 240V) for your outlet to the control box.
  • Plug the connector into the outlet (please note: DO NOT USE EXTENSION CORDS).
  • The onboard panel will show the charging status indicator

    Interior Convenience and Connectivity

    The E-Transit's high roof option offers a spacious interior, providing a generous 6'8" height, allowing most individuals to walk freely inside the van. The absence of a traditional gear shifter in the cab adds to the convenience, as Ford has replaced it with a rotary dial, facilitating ergonomic access for the driver to move in and out of the back using the bulkhead door.

    The van's modern features extend to the interior's technology, showcasing the "Sync 4" system with a 12" screen. The system is compatible with both Apple and Android platforms, offering seamless phone connectivity options. Additionally, the "Sync 4" system is designed for "over the air" upgrades, ensuring that the driver experience improves over time with continuous updates.

    1. Current vehicle range. This can be seen in miles (as shown) or km if preferred.
    2. Real time driver efficiency system tells you if you are using charge, or gaining charge via
      regenerative braking techniques.
    3. Vehicle max charge range.
    4. Charge distance to empty.
    5. Current Vehicle speed. Kilometers and miles both shown.

    Driver Assist Tools

    Ford has equipped the E-Transit with several driver assist tools, enhancing safety and efficiency.

    Features such as "Adaptive Cruise Control" help maintain a safe following distance by slowing down the van when it gets too close to the vehicle in front. Furthermore, the E-Transit includes a lane departure warning system, brake assist, hill assist, and low and Eco modes to optimize the regenerative braking system's performance.

    Different settings by pressing ok on the car steering wheel: Digital speedometer, Driver Assitance tools (Pre-collision Assit, Traction control, Lane keeping system), radio settings, devices connected, SOC Alert, Remote Start, Tire pressure, etc

    Charge Assist App

    To make the charging process more seamless, the "Sync 4" system includes a "Charge Assist" app. This app not only helps locate public charging stations but also activates the charger and handles payment for the charging visit. Businesses can create a single account to manage the charging needs of their entire fleet, simplifying administrative tasks.

    With the convenient Remote Cabin Pre-Conditioning feature, you can now ensure a comfortable and pleasant driving experience every time you step into your vehicle. Here's how it works:

    1. Download the FordPass app on your smartphone for easy access to this feature.
    2. Connect your vehicle to the app when you are in close proximity to the vehicle.
    3. Navigate to the "Vehicle" tab in the app and find the "Departure Time" setting.
    4. Set a specific "Departure Time" for your vehicle, so it can prepare itself before you even get in.

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