Geotab Asset Group in 7Gen Portal

How to filter your EVs to be displayed in the 7Gen Portal?

When integrating and visualizing your vehicle data provided by Geotab in the 7Gen Portal, you may prefer to limit which vehicles in your fleet you want to analyze and that not all vehicles in your fleet are analyzed by the 7Gen Analytics tools, such as ICE vehicles or Electric Vehicles that are not managed by 7Gen. In that case, you need to make sure each asset is properly tagged with a Group.

Once your vehicles are properly tagged, they will be conveniently listed in the Battery Electric Vehicle section of the Vehicles & Assets table.



If the EV is not tagged with the BEV group yet, you can simply click the asset ID and browse the group selector to find the group. The path to the corresponding group is shown as follows:

1-Company Group/Asset Information:



2-Company Group/Asset Information/Powertrain and Fuel Type:



3-Company Group/Asset Information/Powertrain and Fuel Type/Electric or Hybrid Plug-in:



4-Company Group/Asset Information/Powertrain and Fuel Type/Electric or Hybrid Plug-in/Battery Electric Vehicle:



Once you have reached the group, your asset will look like this:



You may add more controls by creating subgroups. A useful scenario would be for example: Your fleet has 10 EVs but you only want 3 of them to be analyzed by 7Gen. The following instructions shows how to customize groups:


You may create a new Group called 7Gen and edit the Asset Info accordingly. Please contact your account manager so that our engineers can customize the vehicle group to be exported to the 7Gen portal.